Happy 21st Birthday to You!

Your 21st birthday is approaching.

Some of you might be asking; "What's so special about being 21? What's the significance?"

21st birthday/Happy 21st Birthday!U: are Special! Celebrate with Style!

Well, being 21 means that you are legally an adult and thus you receive voting right.

It also means that you can walk into any establishments like clubs and bars where alcohol are sold. 

”Finally 21 and legally able to do everything I've been doing since 16.”  ~ Anonymous

But more importantly, you could make major life decisions without parental consent; like marriage, buying a house, etc.

So to most people in general, it is definitely an occasion to celebrate. 

Celebrating Your 21st Birthday

birthday celebration quote/Celebrate Your Life by OprahCelebrate Your Life!

Some people will make it a point to celebrate it by going to a club and have their first drink there. But that might be okay if all your friends are 21 and above. Otherwise, it is best to have a home party so that your underage friends can also join in your celebration bash. Of course, you can still go out to the club after the party with some of age and older friends.

Throwing a home party can be  real fun even if you are the one organising it and inviting your friends over to your home for the event. Or... you are not the birthday guy or gal but someone; a friend or family member like a parent throwing the birthday party for your friend or son or daughter.

Below are the stuffs you will need to take note of.

Birthday Cards

For birthday card design ideas, check out this page for inspiration.

Birthday Invitations

Getting the birthday invitations out on time so that the guests can respond whether they are coming or not. This is important so you know how many people you need to cater for.

Birthday Party Planning

Whether it's in the home or another rented venue, you need to give yourself time to plan.

You will want to decorate the place to achieve the environment and atmosphere you want for this special occasion. It could just be a few simple banners or you could go wild and make it elaborate with a particular party theme.

Anyway, you will need to plan and execute your plan accordingly to make the party a success.

Things to consider would be party theme, decorations, party favors, birthday gifts, food and drinks, etc.

If you're a party planner and it's a surprise party for the 21st birthday person, then gathering as much information about his favorite food, hobby and other likes would be important. You can do this by contacting his friends and family.

Otherwise, sitting down with him or her to discuss the whole arrangement together is a smart move to make the party more personal and successful.

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