1st Birthday Celebrations

1st birthday celebrations are mainly for the benefits of the proud parents especially those who are celebrating their first born's birthday as the birthday baby won't even care so long as he or she is fed and comfortable.

Congratulations are offered to the parents and of course, lots of baby gifts for the birthday baby who is beginning to start crawling around and learning to stand and walk by grabbing and holding on to furnitures.

1st birthday clip art with the words Happy 1st Birthday - the candle is the one.

Organising a 1st Birthday Party

First, though before the event, birthday invitations for the party will need to be sent out by the parents; usually the mother or a sister or close friend of the mother.

What would be a good design for a birthday invitation for celebrating a one year old baby? Usually, the colours used are pastels like baby blue, blush pink, lilac or buttercup yellow.

Now, images like cute baby things; namely, milk bottle, stroller, walker, colourful building blocks, shape sorter, baby clothes and boots would be most relevant and appropriate.

And for the event, party supplies will need to be purchased or created that will make this special birthday celebration memorable.

Other essentials stuff for a successful party would be party favors, background music and good yummy food.

Happy Birthday Cards

If you are invited to a birthday party of a one year old, it would be easy to buy a Hallmark or Charlton baby birthday card. But if you want something special, maybe making it yourself would be a good option. It's quite easy with all the available birthday clip-arts you can download from online and print from your computer using a colour printer. Or make one with beautiful stickers readily available in crafts stores or scrapbooking stores.

Look out for some birthday card ideas that will be listed here soon.

Birthday Gifts for a One Year Old Baby

Since, babies at this stage are learning to stand and walk, getting a stand-and-walk baby walker is definitely a good gift. But first, check or ask whether someone else had got or is getting one since the parents won't want double for this. 

Other gift ideas would include a stroller, shape sorter, colourful toys like a yellow ducky for bath time, baby toiletries, baby clothes, and baby towels, and even baby milk powder. What about gift vouchers from baby stores so the parents can go shop for themselves?

I'm sure you will be able to find more ideas as you check out baby stores.

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