Happy Birthday Card
Made in Britain

To say 'Happy Birthday' to her husband, my friend requested for a unique birthday greeting card to be specially made.

The birthday boy is 74 year young and was born in the United Kingdom in 1940.

The above are the information I gathered from the wife. She did also said that he loves carpentry works.

So armed with these informations about her husband, I was ready to sit down and make the card. After several drafts, I finally decided on the below Made in Britain birthday card.

happy birthday card for husband

This happy birthday greeting card was created on my computer using Adobe Photoshop. It was quite easy to make. The most work done was on the badge or label. Five stars...100%...Premium Quality...all these described Peter Scrase, the British gentleman.

Happy Birthday Card Making Materials Needed:

  1. A4 or letter size white card stock
  2. Colour printer
  3. Happy Birthday embossing folder
  4. Diecut Machine
  5. Pencil
  6. Steel ruler
  7. Paper cutter or x-acto knife
  8. Scissors
  9. Bone folder or empty ball-point pen
  10. Cutting mat
  11. Eraser
  12. Glue or double-sided tape
  13. Double-sided foam tape

Happy Birthday Card Making Instructions

If you don't have a Die-cut Machine or embossing folder, just use a piece of white card stock.

Alternatively, you could stamp Birthday's greetings all over it with a very faint light blue coloured ink.

  1. Cut the white cardstock to 4.25" x 6.25" and embossed in the diecut machine with the birthday embossing folder. Set aside.
  2. Create the label on the computer in bright red colour with white texts.
  3. Print on a coloured printer with the white card stock.
  4. Trim around the label.
  5. Create the name of the gentleman in white against a blue background and running dashes above and below.
  6. Also create a ribbon with the same blue background with running dashes above and below and at the end of the strips. (refer to the birthday card image above)
  7. You can also print out the blue strip and use a white fine marker to add in the dashes.
  8. Print and trim.
  9. Create a 4.75" x 6.75" rectangle and fill with the same blue colour.
  10. From the centre, make a smaller rectangle inside the blue rectanle and clear the blue colour. This will help you save a bit of your printer ink.
  11. Print and cut. Trim closely to the blue rectangle so that the white does not show.
  12. Cut a piece of white card stock to 10" x 7" in size.
  13. Mark with pencil the 10" side at 5".
  14. Score with bone folder or empty ball-point pen against a steel ruler and make a crisp fold with the bone folder or the back of your thumb to make a 5" x 7" blank folded card.
  15. Apply glue or double-sided tape on the blue background card and layer on to the front of the folded card.
  16. Apply glue or double-sided tape on the white embossed card and layer onto the blue background card.
  17. Use double-sided foam tape to attach the label, ribbon and name onto the centre of the card to give a raised effect. (Please refer to the image above for placement.)

Below is a Birthday tag to go with the birthday card. It was created using a Spellbinder die, eyelet and red ribbon.

Though my friend did say that her husband loves doing carpentry works as a hobby, I wasn't able to incorporate that into this Happy Birthday card design. But on second thought, some clip-arts of woodworking tools could be printed inside the card if I really wanted to add them.

Anyway, when I gave her the birthday greeting card, she was very excited about it.

For more greeting card ideas, check out my Making Greeting Cards site.

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