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Buying birthday cards for friends are the best shopping outings especially if you go together with other friends (not with the birthday person, of course). We will look at the birthday cards in the card racks and laugh either at the design or the words. Some cards are serious but many of them are really comical. 

Birthday cards for friends - a small simple gift in a diy box.Birthday Gift in a Box

But since I have the tools and supplies for card making, I prefer to D.I.Y.  these birthday greeting cards for my friends myself and occasionally with another one or two creative friends.

We will plan, design, draw, or stamp and colour with paint, colour pencils or markers some evenings before the birthday celebration. Buying the gifts and wrapping them and anticipating the looks on the birthday person's face when he or she opens it can be fun too.

Cool Birthday Cards for Friends

Below are some of the birthday cards that I have bought or created for my friends.

Further down are some unique birthday cards received from friends.

Have a look and see if these will inspire you to make your own unique birthday cards for friends next time.

Watercolour Sunflower Birthday Card - a birthday card hand-painted with watercolour by a friend for a good friend.Sunflower Birthday Card

The above sunflower card was hand-painted in watercolour by my friend one evening. She came over to my place and worked on this card for a mutual friend. I stamped 'BEST WISHES', trimmed the card and layered over a blank folded card to create this lovely birthday card for our friend.

Happy Birthday to You,Jane!
was first created in Photoshop and printed on my Laser printer.Happy Birthday To You, Jane!

Texts for these birthday cards for friends were created in Adobe Photoshop and printed in black. A laser printer was used so that the text will not bleed when in touch with water.  Four cards can be made from one sheet of letter size or A4 paper. Just change the name to personalise these birthday cards for friends. 

I used three colours to wash over the words and let each colour bleed into each other to create this look.

You can view how-to-make this watercolour card here.

Watercolour Flower in Pink Wash - to be made into a birthday card.Watercolour Flower In Pink

The above flower was done one evening while watching a Chinese show. I just drew the flower with my pencil lightly. Paint in watercolour and then outline the flower with a darker pencil. Then again with the same pencil, drew the lines over the petals.

Can be scanned and print on thicker paper and trim for more birthday cards for friends; whenever I need a birthday card in a hurry.

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