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Thank You cards made with your own hands are so personal and convey the heartfelt thanks to those who have graced your birthday party with their presence. And for every person who came bearing gifts, you surely want them to know that you're appreciative of the birthday present that he or she had chosen and bought for you.

Make Them Personal! Handwrite Them!

No matter what, a handwritten 'Thank You', 'Merci' or 'I Appreciate...' is better. Don't think that you don't have nice handwriting. Just keep writing these words and you will soon be able to write them without effort on your homemade greeting cards.

Writing Words for Thank You CardsPractice makes perfect! Need to practice more.

The first words I learned to write when I took up Calligraphy was 'Thanks', 'Thank You' and 'Thank You So Much'. I believe that those words would be so much nicer and personal in my own handwriting. So I took time to practice them and then tried using them in my Thank You handmade cards.

The above is a practice sheet done the morning before I attempted the real thing on a Thank You greeting card. Though the strokes were incorrect and certainly not fluid but I did it anyway. My friend said that I'm brave (LOL) because I ran ahead without learning the basis foundational exercises and especially no ruling of lines :-)

The result of my feeble and brave attempt is the card shown below. Please do not scrutinise too closely but overall, I think it adds a personal touch to this birthday thanks card. 

Calligraphy Thanks on thank you greeting cardThanks Card

Card Making Tips:

It's not necessary to learn Calligraphy but if you do, start from the basis. Another way is to handprint your words. Try out on a piece of paper the various ways you can hand-write the words with a marker or fountain pen and once you like what you see, you can scan it into your computer and digitally clean up in a photo editing software like Photoshop and use it again and again on your cards by printing a sheet of them and die-cut or trim to use on your handmade cards.

For more card-making tips, you might like to visit my cardmaking website. ´╗┐Click on this link´╗┐ and it will bring you straight to the tips page.

DIY Thank You Cards

As I think I need to practice the basis of Calligraphy first, but still wanting to use the same card design idea for my cards, I switched to using rubber stamps.

There are many word stamps in the market and I had a set of Penny Black's Salutations cling stamps which I used for the two handmade thank you greeting cards below.

Orange background thank youThank You Card with Orange Background

The orange (above) and green (below) backgrounds as well as the top card were made using Impression Obsession's Cover-a-card cling -backed background stamps. Inks used were by Memento.

Green Card to say thanksThank You Card with Green Background

These thank you greeting cards were simply created using background stamps on a separate white card stock which were later trimmed to the right size to give a thin border when layered onto the blank base white card. You can quickly made these in an afternoon after the birthday party or even before it and posted or handed over to the guests who came.

Personally, I would rather post them after the birthday celebration party after you have opened out the presents and be able to add a personal note to thank the giver for that particular gift.

I used these background stamp designs because they are kind of neutral so they can be given to all guests; both men or women.

Other than this simple design, another great idea for these do-it-yourself cards is adding photos to the design. When taking photos on the day of the party, try taking one for example of the birthday gal or guy blowing out the candles on a birthday cake or a nice photo of a group photo, etc. and use it later for your appreciation cards.

More cards will be added so do keep a look out for them here. Meanwhile, keep celebrating each birthday with a bash. Have fun! And be happy! :-)

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