Belated Birthday Cards
Is It Okay To Send Greetings
After The Date?

Belated birthday cards are just that!

You forgot to send someone birthday wishes but now you remember and it's too late.

3 Things You Should Do!

  1. Send one of these late birthday cards instead.
  2. Explain why you are late.
  3. Say sorry - write a note of apology in your card.

I'm sure your friend or dear one would still love to receive the birthday greetings and know that you care.

Do it!

You might be surprised at his or her response.

I have decided to make some birthday cards that would be appropriate to send when I am late in sending someone birthday greetings.

Of course, I will not be putting something like "Happy Birthday!" or Have a Wonderful Day!" in my handmade cards since the special day is over and if there's any birthday celebration and if he or she had a wonderful time, it's in the past. 

More likely, I should put words like, "Did you have a great time?" "Sure hope you had a wonderful time" right? 

Usually, I would just say,"Missed your sorry. Happy Belated Birthday!" or "So sorry! I missed your birthday."

Belated Birthday Wishes

Here are some words you can put on the front or inside of your handmade birthday greeting cards.

  • You know how slow I am. Happy Belated Birthday!
  • Sorry, I am late. Wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday!
  • It took me ages to make this card. Sending you belated birthday wishes.
  • Better later than never. Hope you have a fantastic birthday bash.
  • A little late.
  • I miscalculated how long the post will get to you.
  • Sending You Be-lated Birthday Wishes

Belated Birthday Cards

Here are some cards I created that would be appropriate for time like this.

Belated Birthday Wishes

A collage kind of card for a special online friend.

Click here to view this handmade birthday greeting card.

Happy Birthday Wishes All Year Through

That's a greeting that's surely appropriate for moment like this. Another simple collage card using kraft cardstock.

Click here to view this birthday card.

More will be added here so stay tuned... I mean bookmark this site or sign up for my eNewsletter to stay updated when new birthday greeting cards are added to this Oh Happy Birthday website :-) 

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