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Need card inserts for your handmade birthday cards?

After spending an afternoon making two birthday greeting cards; one a belated birthday - was late - very late in sending this to an online friend but it's better late than never, right? :-)

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Usually, I handwrite the birthday message inside the handmade card but for this belated birthday card, I decided to do an insert. After trimming the paper to size, I stamped a card message and hand drawn a frame with my Copic multi liner 0.5. This is one of my favourite black fine liner. When dried, the ink doesn't smudge when you colour in with markers or watercolours.

Here's the stamped card message for this belated birthday wishes.

Birthday Card Inserts to download and print

The above insert was just a nice natural 120 gsm light weight paper cut slightly smaller than the folded card. The birthday card was done in kraft card stock so I chose a rustic looking piece of speckled paper to stamp the card message to complement the kraft cardstock. Doodled a frame and coloured the outer edges of the frame with red water-soluble crayon.

Birthday Card Inserts

Framed Card Inserts

When I mentioned about the inserts for handmade cards which I created on my computer, and asked whether anyone interested in it on my Facebook card-making group, many responded positively and so here are the links to download the pdf documents. Do make sure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader.

There are 8 files altogether - all in pdf.

  1. Letter Size with Frame - Portrait
  2. Letter Size without Frame - Portrait
  3. Letter Size with Frame - Landscape
  4. Letter Size without Frame - Landscape
  5. A4 Paper with Frame - Portrait
  6. A4 Paper without Frame - Portrait
  7. A4 Paper with Frame - Landscape
  8. A4 Paper without Frame - Landscape

I have added a light grey lines to indicate where you should cut the inserts. I suggest you use an x-acto knife with a steel ruler rather than a paper trimmer.

Happy birthday card inserts

You will notice that these card inserts are all one sided instead of a folded spread. For most of our handmade cards, we tend to put in layers of elements and embellishments, therefore the weight per card is definitely heavier than store bought cards. So for most of my cards, I choose to have my insert on one side of the card to prevent adding to the overall weight of the greeting card.

Your Feedback Is Appreciated

Let me know if you would rather have a whole spread for both side inside the card. You can do that by writing to me on the comment section below.


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