Happy Birthday Cards for Girls
Pretty Card Designs That Girls Love

Happy birthday cards for girls are easier to make and buy compared with buying or making for boys. But then boys might not care much for the cards anyway as all they are interested in would be getting to the presents.

In fact, girls are more likely to look at the cards and might even keep them if they find them beautiful. Fortunately, there are so many card designs to choose from for a birthday girl and thus, makes getting a card for any little girl much more fun.

Birthday Card Making for Girls

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Somehow, at this young age, girls tend to love pink and would choose happy birthday cards with a princess design. There are exceptions of course, but generally, most girls would love to have a sweet pink colour birthday card and a pretty princess character in there. Maybe, it's the influence of Barbie dolls or princess stories.

Beside a princess design, there are other card design ideas that you can use on birthday cards for girls. For example, flowers would be another popular design. And flower on a cupcake with butterfly would be heavenly :-)

What about using cute animals like dogs, cats or even horses? 

Hello Kitty is another popular design you might want to consider. My grand niece has a fascination for this character and wants anything and everything to have Hello Kitty in it. So if I make her a Hello Kitty birthday card, I believe she will be over the moon.

Happy Birthday Cards - Designs Girls Will Love

Below is a whole list of ideas for you just in case you need inspiration to make happy birthday greeting cards for your nieces, or your little girl.

  • Butterfly - a big butterfly or a myriad of butterflies against a light blue sky can be an interesting design idea.
  • Ladybird - kids love ladybirds. Those black dots against red are really so cute especially hand-drawn with smiley faces.
  • Cupcake - which girl doesn't like those dainty fairy cakes. So more cupcakes.
  • Cakes - yes, a tier cake with pink icing. I know tier cakes are more for weddings and anniversaries but then ... why not?
  • Angels - what about a guardian angel with a harp playing the happy birthday song? Just a thought!
  • Alice in Wonderland - lots of Alice's graphics around in the public domain so you shouldn't have any difficulties finding one to use in your card.
  • Candles - make them interesting - maybe a whole rows in bright colours.
  • Pink balloon or strings of colourful birthday balloons.
  • Birds - cute doodled birds would be so sweet.
  • Fairies - every child wants to have fairies at their birthdays.
  • Pandas - oh, those big black eyes.
  • Bows & Ribbons - a banner of pink and lilac ribbons.
  • Pets - puppies, kittens, horses...even a pink pig.
  • Colourful feathers - pink feathers? Why not!

Remember that adding a touch of glitters to the graphics or a small gem here or there could do wonders to your happy birthday cards.

More Birthday Cards

For more birthday cards, check out my Making Greeting Cards site for more handmade birthday card design ideas.

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