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Designing birthday cards for daughters is a delightfully fun pastime for me because these are lovely greeting cards for her with colour combo I love. Above all, I could go wild with glitters and doodling and other beautiful embellishments which you see scrapbookers used on their scrapbook pages.

Below are two variations of a birthday greeting card design I created digitally on the computer using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. It's colorful! It's lively and uplifting! And I think it's just the right birthday cards for daughters who are happy, fun-loving and sporty and yet feminine and girlish at the same time.

Okay! Enough description. I just love those adjectives. They kind of bring to mind young ladies who have so much opportunities before them. And celebrating any of their birthdays is a happy time. 'Oh Happy Day!' indeed! What joy!

Two Sweet Birthday Cards for Daughters

Making birthday cards for daughters can be interesting. Use your creativity to make these cards unique and personal.

The two birthday greeting cards were printed from the same design template.

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I chose dusty pink for this project and add some bright vivid colours on the kite; cyan, magenta and bright yellow highlighted by simple doodles and lines drawn in with a white gel marker.

One of the birthday greetings for daughters has glitter glue added to the centre of the kite and also on the tiny bows on the string. For the kite centre, I used Ice Stickles glitter glue - lemon ice and for the pink bows, I added a touch of Diamond Stickles. Both products are from Ranger Industries, Inc. Love the diamond stickles as it doesn't cover the pink underneath but rather makes the bows pop. Lovely!

For the other card, I hand-drawn some dots and dashes and also a tiny heart at the bottom of the kite. Then add a touch of pink and a dab of diamond glitter glue to bring out the shine. I also added hand-drawn running stitches for a frame with a fine black marker.

What do you think? Are they sweet enough as birthday cards for your daughters? Do share your thoughts by adding your comment below.

Other Card Design Ideas for Daughters

  • clipart of fashionable young women
  • women accessories; e.g. handbags, scarves, shoes, etc.
  • flowers
  • cupcakes
  • shopping
  • clipart of cosmetics; e.g. lipsticks, powder compact and decorated nails
  • spa
  • animals
  • can you think of any others?

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