Cool Birthday Card
With Ripples Design Die Cut

This birthday card is a no brainer :-) All I did was cut the 4" by 5.25" die cut front using two pieces of coloured card stocks; light blue and pink.

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This die cut is titled Ripples (IME-049) produced by In the Making Enterprises in their "a cut above DEE'S DISTINCTIVELY" range of stencils just in case you want to look for this die cut.

Direction for Making this Birthday Card

Here's the simple step-by-step direction for making this birthday greeting card.

Card-making Supplies:

  1. 1 piece 8" x 5.25" white card
  2. 1 piece 4.25" x 5.5" light blue card
  3. 1 piece 4.25" x 5.5" pink card
  4. Ripples die cut by In the Making
  5. Die cut Machine & accessories ( I used Big Shot by Ellison)
  6. Tweezer
  7. Computer printout of words 'Happy Birthday!' on white cardstock
  8. Double-sided foam tape
  9. Scissors
  10. Paper Trimmer
  11. Glue


Note: Go the Star Birthday greeting card and print the greetings from the free printable provided on that page if you don't want to create a sheet of printable greetings yourself. The words should be just right for this handmade card.

  • Score and fold white card.
  • Die cut ripples design on blue and pink cardstocks
  • Apply glue thinly and layer blue die cut panel on top of white card front.
  • Pick pink circle cut-outs and glue onto the circle spaces on the blue die cut panel.
  • Die cut or trim white computer 'Happy Birthday!' word printout.
  • I used a tiny oblong rectangular die to cut out the words and also dry embossed it followings instructions from my die cut machine to give it a neater look to match the precise cut of the ripples panel.
  • Attach to front of card with double-sided foam tape.  You can place it anywhere you find pleasing to the eyes. I placed mine one and a half inch from the top and towards the right edge of the card.

That's it! Now to make another birthday greeting card using the pink die cut panel and the blue circles.

Card-making Tip

Even if you don't have the Ripples die cut, you can use another die cut design to create a handmade card for a birthday. Replacing another colour cut out from the same design and placing it(them) onto the empty cut-out space(s) is one idea to use your die cut tools and supplies.

More Tips and Ideas

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